Origami-related Links

General Links

Origami Organizations

  • OrigamiUSA The national American origami organization.
  • Tanteidan The Japanese Origami Academic Society (JOAS).

Origami Sources - Paper and Books

  • The OrigamiUSA Source
  • Sasuga Japanese Bookstore - Can order any in-print book in Japanese; carries the Gallery Origami House titles; has a wide range of origami paper. Does business mail-order over the web, with open hours at their warehouse on Saturdays. They hold an open "fold-in" session on the fourth Saturday of each month except December.
  • Origamido Studio - in Haverhill, MA, accessible by the T commuter rail. Carries a selection of origami books, many interesting commercial papers, and makes wonderful handmade paper suitable for wetfolding.
  • Pearl Arts and Crafts - (Central Square, Cambridge) Carries a wide range of art paper as well as some origami paper. Good source for Canson papers and watercolor paper, suitable for wetfolding.
  • Paper Source - (Porter Square, Cambridge) Carries a wide range of art papers and paper craft supplies, including glues for backcoating, etc.


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